You are Art & Art is You

For me art is self expression. It is one of the most liberating things the soul can encounter experiencing. Art to me is my therapy. One of the forms of my therapies. It helps me release all that I am feeling that I’m not so sure how to express. I can place things that make sense, things that don’t, things that look messy, things that connect synchronistically, things that mean a lot to me in the depths of my heart, things I identify with and none of it is ever wrong on the canvas. You see, in art, there is no right or wrong. There is only expression. The beautiful part is the expression is open ended. It is open for interpretation. It is free for others to see what the artist was feeling or maybe feeling based on your intuition merged with logical reasoning on what you perceive.

Creation and tapping into creativity is a gift given by the Creator to Creation, you and I, who are all Co-Creators. We all have the ability to create. The beauty to me about doing art is the place where it can take you. Making art allows you to drift into the essence of art so much so your soul not only taps into the composition of the art in the making, but it can tap into different dimensions. You can get so entranced into the art the is in the making that you are no longer aware of your problems, your worries, your future or your past. You can tap into something very ecstatic.

For me personally it allows me to also connect with my inner child. I’m aware and still healing the fact that she did not have much of a childhood. And because it was robbed to her, I give her the things she didn’t have. While doing so through art, I am able to be myself and loved by myself. I’m able to connect to my little Nessa within me.

Unleash your soul! Try it out. Try coloring, doodling, sketching, or try what I do which is as cheap as $40 at Michael’s- buy acrylics, a couple canvases and some paint brushes. It’s you world in the world of art. There are no limits. There are no judgments. There is free terrain to explore your souls voice in a different and totally unique form. Making art is a form of honoring yourself. It is a form of divine respect and the expression of your unique truth.

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