Why Meditation?

People think meditating means to silence all of your thoughts. This is not true. Meditation does not mean being able to silence all of your thoughts. That’s simply a benefit of what meditation will do for you as you continue to practice meditating. Meditation is simply taking the time to quietly witness your thoughts as they come and go. Your mind will race. That’s normal, we’re human beings. For instance, take the time to notice how many people you see on a daily basis talking to themselves. And I’m not talking about people defined as crazy in the streets and homeless. But normal, regular people. Take one day and notice how many are going about in their every day life just thinking so much that they start talking to themselves. In todays society there is so much neurosis. Meditation will help calm all of that down. Along with many other benefits, it will allow you to connect with your divine essence that everyone possesses. Incorporating meditation into a daily practice for yourself will allow you to not only not have so much (as some call it,) monkey brain and over exhausted mental chatter

Sure cultivating meditation will do so many wonderful things for you like give you more energy, have an increased libido, slow aging, infertility, healthy chemicals, lower respiratory rate, relaxed nervous system, and my list of benefits can honestly go on and on. Some of the most important benefits to me are: peace of mind, the heightened intervals of the ability to silence your mind the more you do it, closeness to your soul, and clarity. Meditation helps you with the ability to focus for longer periods of time. In todays world where so many are overstimulated with everyone having shorter and shorter attention spans, this is so necessary to implement. It helps with levels of concentration which is why I believe all students should be taught meditation daily. Studies have proven that when you meditate regularly, your cognitive thinking is improved and so is your level of concentration. Why shouldn’t students be taught this beautiful practice the buddhist philosophy cultivated?

In a world where so many are constantly on the go, it’s nice to bring some balance and healthy introspection into the equation. If it’s so good for you, why wouldn’t you try it? My all-time favorite aspect of meditating is the way it connects you to your divine essence, the center of your soul, your Higher Self. You’ll notice that as you make meditating a regular practice, your soul will not only naturally start to crave it, but it will feel like it is at home in that quiet place within you. You will become in tuned with your soul, with the desires of your soul, and with the pure love essence that we all are. With the light that we all are. This is why I love meditation so much.

Meditation brings you closer to the present moment which in turn brings you to the essence and experience of bliss. You become one with your soul the more you sit quietly with it and you reside from a place with less ego. You come from a place that is in alignment with your souls true desires. You may notice that you start to become more kind and mindful with others. Practicing meditation brings you more clarity. You will begin to see things more clearly and you will be able to solve issues with more veracity. You may find yourself becoming more calm in situations that would have in the past may have caused you a lot of stress. You will learn to handle life better. You may even pick up a sixth sense or more. You begin to tap into other ares of the brain/ consciousness that were kept only in your subconscious previously. Welcome to your life from a higher perspective and with better clarity of your true essence- your soul.

I’ve learned to really bond with my soul. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Make it your own way. Start out by trying 5 minutes a day, then work your way up based on what you feel. You can do it lying down in bed, I personally prefer doing this wile sitting upright just because the flow of energy is more in alignment with divine consciousness from my perspective. But it doesn’t have to look a certain way. It’s all up to your own way of cultivating your unique meditation practice. It’s all about living your truth and cultivating it in the way you want. There are no lines. And that is what I love about meditation, it’s very easy to see that once you get to a place of silence- there lies no lines. And this is truth.

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