Upcoming Book “Believe in Your Soul” What’s it about?

This book is very nonconventional and has a very casual tone. I’m not here to try to preach to anyone, I’m just coming with a different perspective. That’s the most obvious thing about this book. So if you are ready to open your mind to a different perspective, then you probably picked up this book.

Have you ever questioned the perspective most of society wants you to believe. How is following society’s norms going for you?

I mean and aren’t we too old for all that anyway? But I get it, I get it, sometimes it’s easier to not think for ourselves. But then you gotta ask yourself, “like really?! I’m going to change how I want to live my life in the moment right now to make someone else more comfortable?!” Smh. Boo bye. I’ll be damned if I live my life to conform to the standards, comforts or likings of everybody.

This book is all about doing you and most importantly staying true to you. Listen to that voice within you: a.k.a. your soul.

This book is also all about being the badass warrior that’s within you. The one facing your fears and rising above them, overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? Your soul is the most powerful source you have access to at any given moment. Build it up, connect with it, love it. The book “Believe in Your Soul,” is a positive lifestyle book to inspire you to cultivate your own positive lifestyle full of self-love self-care and self-transformation. It’s about being honest with yourself and finding everything in you to become the best version of yourself. Because why would you settle for anything less? You’re amazing. Whoever you are, you are.

Believe in your Soul is all about helping you see things in a way that you are confident in your unique being. No matter where you come from, the color of your skin, or what you’ve been through you have everything in you to be confident in yourself and be the best version of you. It really is about living your best life. That starts within you.

Book will be released early Spring 2019. Look out for it!

Believe in Your Soul by Vanessa LeMaistre

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