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Soul Healing

I’m currently practicing a modality of energy healing called Universal Grace Healing. We came up with this name to signify the beauty that lies in this particular form of divine healing. It’s a modality that was taught to me by a woman named Rachel Fox who founded She learned this through the gift of […]

Thinking About Getting a Massive Tattoo? How About a Healing Tattoo?

      I didn’t know there was such thing as a healing tattoo until once on my Instagram someone commented and asked “did you notice any spiritual changes after you had this done?” That’s when I real-eyes’d I did. I had a life changing dream one night shortly after finishing my 2nd session out of […]

Self-care/ Self-love Rituals “You can do anytime your soul craves.”

1. An intense ritual to recharge and reconnect with yourself. This works very will with integrating what comes up and spending time on reflection afterwards. You can mix up the order of these steps or add whatever you would like, this is YOUR self-care practice:      -Start by lighting incense, sage, palo santo (all […]