About Vanessasoulxo


Vanessa LeMaistre was called to into shamanism at 21 years old. Someone foretold  that she was a shaman. Vanessa is a Yoga Instructor, a Soul Empowerment Activist and a Shamanic healer.  Her platform provides a self-improvement/ positive lifestyle brand to people who are looking to feel whole within themselves. People who are looking to connect to the goddess/; god within their very soul. Vanessa has overcome a lot and believes if she could, so can you. She is all about self-transformation and wants you to see you to feel empowered enough to experience your own self-transformation. Vanessa aspires to inspire. She provides spiritual wellness videos on her youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/uareart

Feel free to contact her for bookings and inspiring speaking events. She is nonconventional, positive, and a goddess in real life doing her dharma. She lives in Boulder and practices shamanism along with Universal Grace Energy Healing-  a modality of bodywork that was taught to her by the founder of this modality who goes by the name of Rachel Fox.

Here is her timeline:

1986: Born to a single parent in Miami, Fl with a great upbringing but faced a lot of adversity right from birth. This taught her how to think positively and how to be really strong.

2010: Graduated college and moved back to Miami. Started working as a bottle girl in south beach at 1 of the top three night clubs in America- Club Liv.

2013: Became a certified yoga instructor and went to India to study yoga, meditation, was privileged to give back to children.

2013: Moved across the country to LA in hopes to pursue her goals of writing her self-help/ self-transformational book and be a motivational speaker.

2015: She thought she completed her first draft of her book and gave birth to the most beautiful and special baby boy named Kamden Lee Efevberha.

2016: Kamden passed away after 9 months of living due to a very rare fatal disease called Zellweger’s Syndrome. At this point, she also real-eyes’d her book was not complete. As Kamden was a pivotal experience not only for herself but for others to learn from.

2017: Healing from grief and had to find inner strength to fight the biggest fight of her entire life. A lot of self- love and self-care. Like a lot a lot. And now motivated more than ever from the coming and crossing over of her son Kamden. Vanessa is actively building up Kamden’s Room, the non-profit in honor of him with the mission to reach children all over with the hope of contributing to them having a positive childhood experience. Kamden’s Room is not a physical location; we instead go to elementary schools to donate books to underprivileged children with the hopes to increase literacy rates. We also teach them about the benefits of meditation and do a 10 minute guided meditation with the children. Click here to donate to our Go Fund Me account at:Kamden’s Room

2018: Moved to DC temporarily. Currently about to begin a big transformation and move to Boulder, Co to get a masters degree in “Resilient Leadership,” at a spiritual accredited university called Naropa. She is currently making moves, inspiring, writing the end of the book as it is almost complete and published. She’s making speaking appearances! And she just began her own healing practice locally in Boulder providing the wonderful service of Shamanism and Universal Grace Healing. She is also an active yoga instructor in Boulder.

Stay true to your soul. Believe in your soul. Whatever you do. It will always carry you through 🙂

One Love~