About Vanessasoulxo

After many years of running, at age 25, Vanessa LeMaistre was forced to face the pains of her past. Unbeknownst to her, the difficult healing process that she underwent was preparing her for one of the most difficult losses a being may know- the loss of her 9 month old son Kamden. In her story, Vanessa shares with us how she has navigated through suicidal thoughts, growing up without a physical father, shifting from Catholicism to Shamanism  due to a calling she had at 21 that she ignored, only to find herself pursuing her calling 10 years later after the loss of her son, traumatic early life experiences, adjusting to her life as a woman of color in Boulder, Colorado and how her transformations have led her to live her purpose with intention and urgency. 

Today, Vanessa is a real life Goddess working to inspire others to connect to their inner Goddess/ God through inspirational speaking. Vanessa is no longer a victim of her past, but a victor of her future. She is following her calling and studying plant medicine- specifically Ayahuasca. Vanessa is also studying for her Masters in a program called Resilient Leadership at Naropa University- a graduate degree in sustainability & social justice. This Resilient Leadership program is imperative during this critical time where we are all undergoing a transformational shift in the midst of the current global crisis. 

She is embarking on her nonprofit called Kamden’s Room, in honor of her son Kamden who transitioned, planning to take it to an international level where she will donate books and mindfulness to children at a charity. God willing, Kamden’s Room will be bringing mindfulness and books to many more children around the world in the near future. (To find out more click on the menu bar, then Kamden’s Room.)

Vanessa will be providing products and services that will assist others on their healing journeys such as the life transforming meteorite- Moldavite.

She is all about positivity and encouraging others along their beautiful self-love healing journey. She is still on hers and by no means pretends to have it all figured out. She only wants to inspire and encourage others to a life of self-love, healing and personal evolution. There is literally no limit. She believes we all have it within our beings to be all that we came here to become.

*Stay true to your soul. Believe in your soul. Whatever you do. It will always carry you through 🙂

Her upcoming book will be available in the near future- Believe In Your Soul… For inspirational excerpts, click on the portfolio. 

One Love~