Positive Affirmations

-“May everything I think, say, do & feel be in perfect alignment with my divine purpose & higher self for my highest good and the highest good of all. “
-“May I welcome joy, light & love with all the beautiful colors they come with with.”
-“May I welcome abundance in all its forms into my life with arms open wide.”
-“May I be unapologetically myself all-ways.”
-“May I honor myself through compassion, discipline& love.”
-“May I accept and approve of myself just as I am.”
-“May I stay true to my soul. May I follow my soul. May I believe in my soul.”
-“May I see with my heart, may I speak with my heart, may I know with my heart. “
-“I am a queen. I am a goddess.”
-“I am one with the Universe.”
-“Positivity is key, Universe align with me.”
-“I give myself permission to be powerful.”
-“I am love incarnate.”
-“I am divine, eternal essence.”
-“I love my body and treat it with respect and gratitude.”
-“I deserve all good things.”
-“Let the journey unfold.”
-“You can do anything you put your mind to when you believe in your soul. “
-“May I have complete faith that things are working out for my best advantage. Good things are to come!

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